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VEWRS & AVEWRS - Research Study Of Vampiric/Energy Worker/Other Communities [Oct. 2nd, 2007|07:23 pm]
The Powers Within



Vampirism & Energy Work Research Study (VEWRS & AVEWRS)
A Detailed Sociological & Phenomenological Examination Of
The Real Vampire & Energy Worker
With A Secondary Focus On Therianthropy,
Otherkin, & "Awakened" Individuals

Suscitatio Enterprises LLC; 2006 - 2007

Submission Deadline:  October 15, 2007

We realize all too well the subtle linking of individuals between certain subcultures – the fact that not everyone who personally identifies as “vampiric”, or as an “energy worker”, “therian”, “otherkin”, or otherwise “awakened” participate in discussions in a community environment or even associate with the aforementioned label terminology.  Therefore, we are cross-posting in various, though selective, communities information about the existence of this important study as a final measure of exposure to potential participants who may directly identify with the scope of this study.  The surveys located at the web site above represent a landmark study into a variety of diverse though often linked subcultures and have already opened avenues to further exploration into the medical, psychological, spiritual, and cultural ties that shape our communities and lives. This study will assist in teaching us more about ourselves while helping to dispel misconceptions about the practices, beliefs, attitudes, and demographics of those who identify with the following:

* Energy Work (Psionics, Healers, Reiki, Psychics, Empathy, etc.)
* Vampirism (Modern Sanguinarian & Psi / Psychic)
* Otherkin, Therians, & Shifters
* Magick Practitioners (Occultists, Wiccans, Pagans, Spiritualists, etc.)
* Awakened Individuals (Higher Consciousness, Shaman, Indigo, etc.)

Please take the time over the next few days to complete both these important surveys (VEWRS = Part 1; AVEWRS = Part 2) and submit them to us as soon as possible.  If there are questions that are not applicable to your particular situation please indicate such or where “Not Applicable” is not a given option, simply leave blank.  You do NOT have to identify with vampirism (sanguine nor psychic) to participate in this research – there are broad demographic, cultural, experience, medical, spiritual, abilities, and perceptions that can be answered by a diversity of individuals from all paths and beliefs.

This is a mixed methodological study of specific subcultural social group(s) (or independents) linked by association with specific reported phenomena and is directed towards both an online and offline audience via quantitative and qualitative dual anonymous surveys. For a detailed purpose, definition and precedent background, ethical and privacy procedures, and all other information regarding this privately funded study please refer to the surveys themselves or the web site listed above.

Focus Group:  Those who identify themselves as practitioners of modern psychic (psi) or sanguinarian (blood) vampi(y)rism with a joint focus on energy workers or practitioners (psions, energetic healers, or others who manipulate psi/pranic energy).  Additionally those who identify with therianthropy, otherkin, and as being "awakened" individuals are sub-branched in the overall classification. 

Format:  Two surveys (both structured to be independent or linked with one another, with first being an introductory examination and the second an advanced examination), anonymous participation requirement, patterned random/intentional response indicators embedded, available in MSWord, HTML Text Format, or Printed Distributed Format.  VEWRS (Survey 1) = Questions 1 - 379 (11 Categories); AVEWRS (Survey 2) = Questions 380 - 988 (5 Categories)

Timeline:  VEWRS (Survey 1) = March 2006 - October 2007; AVEWRS (Survey 2) = August 2006 - October 2007

Response:  VEWRS As Of October 1, 2007 = 604 Responses (228,000+ Data Points); AVEWRS As Of October 1, 2007 = 301 Responses (180,000+ Data Points)

Analysis:  SPSS w/Correlative Analysis, AMOS / Comparisons Of Qualitative Responses In Applicable Sections (Mini-Essays), Resulting Format = Book Publication(s)

Questions: research@suscitatio.com


Download Both Surveys (VEWRS & AVEWRS) From:

(Surveys Are Located In The "Gray Box" For Download - Part 1 & Part 2 - Or Via Text Format Under Troubleshooting)

E-Mail Completed Surveys (As A File Attachment) To: response@suscitatio.com

Troubleshooting: (Text Only Versions - Copy/Paste Survey Format - Any Word Processor Or E-Mail.  If for any reason after visiting the links below you are unable to view, complete, save, or submit a survey please don’t hesitate to e-mail us!)


Thank you for your participation and encouragement of others to complete these important surveys!