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NEW! [May. 17th, 2006|03:16 pm]
The Powers Within
hey everyone im new to this community, i had it as a friend for about 4 months, but i barely realized i wasnt a member of the group...so now i am!! anyway im not a natural psychic/psionic, but i would like to train to be able to use my psychic powers at will. I have managed to create a psiball, thus far, since i started psionics in june of last year. however, my training was put on hiatus because i was in bootcamp, and than combat training, than my mos school. Now,finally, a year later, i have been able to start doing the things that ive wanted to do, and one of them is psionics. im particularly interested in harnessing my PK power. I have tried to move a pin wheel every once in a while, but im sort of an impatient person, and since i didnt see/feel any proof like i did with the psi ball, i got frustrated and havent tried again since. so i guess what im asking for is some helpful advice with psi and PK. anything will do thanks alot guys. ttyall later.!!

From: psi_shinobi
2006-09-05 02:54 am (UTC)

I can help you i think

If you have any quetions ANY at all! e-mail me at

Also check out my website!

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